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Understanding All The Costs Of Homeownership In Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

When you own a house you don’t really want, the costs of homeownership can be unbearable. Take a look at some of the costs you can expect to face in our latest post!

Owning a house is expensive. Owning the wrong house is even worse. It’s important as a homeowner that you look past just your mortgage payment and really dive in to see what your house is costing you. Is there a better option out there? Have you outgrown your house or o you need something smaller? Did you inherit a home? Has the mortgage become too much to handle? All of these situations can be overwhelming to some degree or another. With a direct sale to Cyndy Sells Houses, you’ll be able to quickly put an end to all of the ongoing costs so you can sell your house and move on.

Here are just a few of the costs a Quakertown and Surrounding Areas homeowner will face: 

Your Mortgage

Your mortgage on the property is likely your biggest bill each month. Is it worth it? Does spending this much on a house make sense for you, aligning with your goals? Keep in mind that your mortgage also includes interest and possibly mortgage insurance. These are costs you are paying each month that aren’t lowering the principle on the home.

Monthly Utilities & Expenses

People are often surprised when they add up their utility bills each month. Between the electric, gas, water, sewer, waste removal, cable, wifi, landlines, security company, and other bills homeowners pay each month, the totals can be into the thousands! In many cases, it can be like paying a second mortgage! When you are dissatisfied with your property or feel stuck with a house you don’t want, paying these bills each month can make you feel stressed and resentful. If you are tired of all the costs and bills, it may be time for you to consider a sale! Living somewhere that is smaller or more energy efficient will help you to save money on your utility costs.

Property Taxes

When selling your house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas, you will be responsible for the property taxes up until the day of closing. If your house sits on the market for a long time, your tax obligation could equate into hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This is even more money that you’ll need to spend on the house that you would have likely rather put toward something else.


Every house needs routine maintenance in order to avoid unnecessary repairs. Keeping up with this maintenance is always important, but even more so when your house is listed on the MLS. The house will need to be kept in tip-top shape, maintained at the highest of standards.


Home repairs are inevitable. No matter how well you maintain the property, something is bound to break. When you put your house on the MLS, you could end up owning the house for several more months. This is more time for something to go wrong with the house. You’ll likely be making repairs to the house to make it more desirable to buyers, you might find yourself having to make larger repairs while your house is listed as well.


Whether you are taking care of the landscaping yourself or hiring someone to do it, the outside of your house must be maintained… especially when it is listed on the Quakertown and Surrounding Areas MLS. Curb appeal is important, so you’ll need to put your best foot forward!

With a direct sale of your Quakertown and Surrounding Areas house, you’ll be able to avoid the continued holding costs as well as repairs! What is your house really costing you?

Learn more about the costs of homeownership! Contact us today! 610-200-5544

How To Know When It Is Time To Sell Your House In Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

Owning a house that isn’t right for you can be costly and frustrating. In this post, we will help you learn if it is time to sell your house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas!

There is no rule saying you have to stay in the same house forever. Many homeowners find themselves living in a house that is costing them money, doesn’t fit the whole family, or that doesn’t suit their lifestyle. Rather than move, they get stuck in their routine, suffering with a house that isn’t working. At some point, they will realize it’s time to move on. Below we offer some sure-fire signs that it is time to sell your house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas and move on to something that makes more sense for you.

You’re Out Of Space

The house you’re living in may not transition well through all of the stages of your life. A small house may be fine when it is just you. But maybe you’ve had a family, maybe you’ve adopted 5 dogs, or maybe you’ve decided to build a music studio in your house. No matter the reason, a house can become too small, forcing the occupant to feel claustrophobic and crowded – two things people shouldn’t have to feel when they are at home. If you could use some room to stretch out, upgrading may be in your future!

The House Is Too Big

Maybe 20 years ago you bought a house that was perfect for your large family and your 5 dogs, but today, you don’t find yourself needed as much space. Maybe you have rooms you never use or you have an increasingly hard time keeping the entire house clean. While you may not have considered picking up and moving, maybe you should! Living in a smaller space can make day to day living much easier and enjoyable. Having 4 extra bedrooms is more of a burden than anything else. Remember, there is no rule saying you have to live in your house forever.

You’re Tired Of The Commute

How long does it take you to get to work? School? Or to shuffle the kids around? Spending hours in your car each day is no way to live your life. Think of all the quality time you are missing out on while you fight traffic, wait for a train, or drive an excessive amount of miles to get where you need to go. While living off the beaten path may be appealing, it can also mean you spend a lot of your time on the road instead of enjoying your time with your family or friends.

You Could Do Better

Is your house really a great value for you? Maybe that monthly mortgage payment isn’t giving you as much house as you could be getting somewhere else. You may not love the idea of having to pick up and move, but if it makes more sense for you, it should definitely be something you consider!

You Could Profit

Have home values gone up since you first purchased your house? If you have the ability to sell for a considerable profit, you may want to think about talking to an agent or professional home buyer. While you’ll want to watch out for capital gains taxes if the profits are high, selling the house and coming out ahead can benefit you in a number of ways.

Is it time for you to sell your house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas? Get in touch with us to learn about how you can sell your Quakertown and Surrounding Areas house quickly, without any costs or waiting!

Sell your house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas without any frustration or hassle! Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you! 610-200-5544

7 Instances In Which A Direct Sale Of Your Quakertown and Surrounding Areas House Makes More Sense Than A Listing

There are many situations in which a direct sale of your house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas makes more sense than a traditional listing. Find out what they are in our latest post!

Do you want to sell your house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas? If so, have you considered all of the selling options available to you? Often times, people disregard selling to an investor because they believe listing is the best way to sell. However, in many situations, selling directly will be more beneficial for the homeowner. Below we list just a few of the occurrences in which a home seller may be better off avoiding the Quakertown and Surrounding Areas MLS!

You Inherited An Unwanted House

When people inherit a home, it isn’t always expected. They don’t always have the time to consider probate costs, repair costs, or suddenly having to be responsible for the taxes and mortgage. When someone inherits a house, especially one they don’t wish to keep, a direct sale can be a fast way to quickly liquidate the property and avoid having to spend too much on it.

You Can’t Afford The Repairs

If a house needs a lot of repairs, it doesn’t usually make sense to spend a lot of money trying to fix it before putting it on the MLS. Repair costs can snowball and if you try to fix everything and list it you could find yourself out a good amount of money upfront. If you can’t afford the repairs and you need a fast and fair way to sell your Quakertown and Surrounding Areas house, working with Cyndy Sells Houses can be the most beneficial option for you.

Your Investment Property Isn’t Paying Off

Not every investment is a good one. Both novice and seasoned investors can find themselves stuck with a property they wish they hadn’t bought. Maybe the property isn’t attracting good tenants and you’re tired of chasing rent. Maybe the house seems to need one repair after another, causing you to go into the red when looking at your financials for the property. No matter what the issue is with the house, the longer you hang onto it, the more money you are losing.

You Found A Better Opportunity

When a homeowner finds another property that is better suited for them, a direct sale will allow them to close right away, liquidating the old property and giving them the opportunity to purchase another. Don’t miss out on the perfect property because you decide to list your current house and aren’t able to sell in time.

You’re Worried About Foreclosure

If you think the bank is about to foreclose, it’s in your best interest to sell your house as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is the bank to take your home with nothing to show for it. Your credit will be damaged and after everything you’ve paid toward the house over the years, you will walk away with nothing. Selling your house to a direct buyer such as Cyndy Sells Houses will ensure you are able to sell the house quickly while still getting a great price for it. A fast sale of your Quakertown and Surrounding Areas house will stop the bank and save you from the headaches and hassles of foreclosure.

You Are Getting Divorced

While every situation is different, oftentimes an ex-husband and wife aren’t thrilled to have to work together to sell a shared property. Problems from within the relationship can spill over and affect their ability to sell the house. By working with a direct buyer, the former couple will receive a fair price and be able to close in a matter of days as opposed to months down the road. They will be able to put things behind them more quickly so they are able to move on.

Learn more about how a direct sale of your house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas will benefit you! Contact us today for more information! 610-200-5544

5 Signs Of A Great Property Buyer In Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

Do you need to sell your house? Call us today to learn more about working with the best property buyer in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas! You might be surprised at what we can offer you!

There are many people out there who claim to be professional home buyers, however, not all of them will operate in the same way. Some are just fly by night, some are looking to get the best deal possible, and some love real estate and having the ability to help people sell unwanted homes. At Cyndy Sells Houses, we are the latter! Keep reading to learn about some of the signs of a great property buyer in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas!

They Have Excellent References

A great home buyer will come highly recommended. Before working with someone, take a look at their public reviews. Sites like Google and Facebook will give you some insight into how they do business. You can also ask them for references directly. Not just their happiest customer, but try to speak to the last three or so people they have worked with.

They’ve Been In The Business Awhile

Someone can be ne to the business and still be a great person to work with… everyone has to start somewhere. That said, be wary of people who are new to home buying. Their processes may be less efficient and they may not be able to offer you as much money because of it. Someone who has been aboud for a while will know the ropes. They will have great local contact and they will be able to get the job done right.

They Do What They Say They’ll Do

A great property buyer will always keep their word. They will close when they say they will, for the price you have agreed upon. You aren’t going to get the run-around or have to worry about not getting what you think you will for the house. If a buyer fails to show up on time, if they change their offer around, or if they give you information that you know to be false, you will likely need to run the other way.

They Will Help You Compare Your Options

A great property buyer isn’t trying to get rich quick. When you work with the right one, you will see that they are simply people who are passionate about real estate and helping people with unwanted properties. When you work with Cyndy Sells Houses, we will take the time to help you compare all of your available options. We aren’t going to try to convince you that selling to us is the only answer. Instead, we will sit down with you, look at your property and situation, and help you understand all of your selling options from a financial perspective.

They Know The Local Market

A great home buyer in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas will know the local market as good, if not better than any local agent. They will know about current trends, what’s selling, who is buying, and how to make their clients profit. Working with a professional and knowledgable home buyer will help you find the peace-of-mind you need when selling your home.

For many homeowners in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas, working with a direct buyer proves to be the best way o go when selling their home. Without the repair costs, commissions, and wasted time, homeowners have the potential to save thousands on the sale. If you want to sell a house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas, consider a direct offer! Just make sure you are working with a professional home buyer who meets all of the criteria listed above!

Ready to work with the best property buyer in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas? Contact us today to find out what we can offer you! 610-200-5544


How to Find a Rent To Own House in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

find a rent to own house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

Are you trying to find a rent to own house in your Quakertown and Surrounding Areas or ? Rent to own house deals are not hard to find if you know where to look. But these deals are not the mainstream type of real estate deal when you are looking for a home. What you will usually find are either real estate transactions between an individual buyer and a seller or real estate transactions with a real estate agent as a go-between.

Whether you choose to deal with a real estate agent or buy from an individual home seller, a rent to own house may be a good solution for someone who is not quite sure they want to purchase a home but they want to try it out first to see how they like it while working out the financing.

Advantages of a Rent to Own House Deal

If you are looking for a rent to own deal, you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of doing so first. If you rent first, you will see if you really like the home enough to buy it. You can get to know the house inside and out and get a feel for it first hand. By renting first, you can also walk away from the deal (with certain restrictions) if you decide it is not what you want.

You should read your contract carefully to see if there is an “opt-out” clause so that you can leave the contract if you choose to. If you have problems with such a deal, the contract will determine whether you are able to walk away from the real estate deal without a breach of contract.

Opt-Out Clauses

In most cases, there is an opt-out clause that allows you to leave the deal if you are not happy after a specified period of time, as long as you realize that you will forfeit the money you paid into it. In these cases, the contract would amount to being equal to a rental agreement.

How to Purchase a Rent to Own Home

If you decide to purchase the home in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas, you must stay with the terms of the contract until the house is paid in full. Once you pay the final “rental payment” and any other fees charged by the original agreement, the house is yours as if you bought it outright.

By trying out the house before purchasing you also have a chance to work out the financing to purchase early if you choose to. Usually, people who are selling their home in under such a contract want to sell their house as quickly as they can. But they are willing to wait until you can afford to purchase to do so. During the time you are renting, you should work on actively trying to get your credit rating and finances in the best shape possible so that you will have more options if you decide to purchase early.

Find a Rent to Own House in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

When trying to decide whether a rent to own house is the best deal for you, consider the following factors:

  1. What is your credit rating and finance options? If your credit rating is in good shape and your financial situation is good, you may not need to get into a rent to own deal because you have the option of buying outright. Most people who choose this option are doing so because they cannot go through the normal channels to purchase a home.
  2. How sure are you that you want to buy the house? If you are not convinced that you like the house well enough to purchase it today, you can use the rental period to check it out further and make a decision later.
  3. Do you see it as a long-term contract or a short-term solution? For people who have traditionally been renters, having a rent to own term agreement is more comfortable and less unsettling than going into debt for a home.
  4. Do you currently own another house you are trying to sell? It’s important to plan carefully when dealing with real estate. It is a big decision and creates a large financial obligation. Rent to own home agreements can provide a way for someone digging out of debt to have a house that they can purchase later. If you own a home that you are trying to sell, rent to own houses offer you a way to rent a house that you are considering purchasing without being under financial obligation until you sell your own house.

We know that buying or selling a house can be confusing. If you want a rent to own house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas,


We can show you your options and help you find the perfect house for your needs.

Rent to Own In Quakertown and Surrounding Areas Real Estate Market Is A Win-Win

rent to own in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

Rent to own in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas is a perfect solution in a soft real estate market for someone wanting to buy a house.

A Typical Rent to Own Scenario

It starts with a seller who knows he wants to sell a property he is no longer living in. He also realizes the market just took a hit and he really doesn’t want to get less than what he thinks he could three to five years from now.

Said seller, we’ll call him John, says to himself, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could have someone in the house right now paying the bills and I get to lock in a 15% price increase to sell it five years from now. Then I can move in with my daughter and fish with my grandson.”

Well, John, you can. It’s called rent-to own.

Now that is the seller’s idea. But what about the buyer? Why would anyone want to gamble on paying more than a property might be worth in the future?

Enter our buyer, Sally.

She wants to buy a house. Sally is thinking, “My divorce cost so much in court fees, I’d really love to get my daughter and me into a wonderful neighborhood and not have to move a couple times. I just can’t afford a down payment right now. It would be great to find a house that lets me rent it until I can finalize a loan on my own.”

The Relationship of Need and Want

Sally meet John. This is the start of a beautiful rent to own relationship.

Both parties have a reason to not pull the trigger today. John’s is money; he wants more of it. Sally has a strong desire to buy and has enough income to pay the monthly obligation, but other components of her financial situation don’t make her an ideal candidate for a traditional home mortgage.

The Rules of Rent to Own in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

The beautiful thing about rent to own rules is that they are completely negotiable. There are some standard components to follow. But the dollars are not set in stone by any template.

So Sally and John meet. Sally knows that homes in the area are selling today for $250,000. She can afford $1,300 monthly rent with her job and child support but she doesn’t have even a low 3.5% for a down payment. While she can’t come up with $8,750, she can get $3,500 for an option to purchase the house.

John is actually okay with this as long as he knows the rent and expenses are paid on the house and he will get $287,500 when the sale actually happens. The rent will have a 25% purchase fee so instead of $1,300 per month and quarterly maintenance fees of $200. Sally will have to pay $1,625 every month plus and additional $800 yearly to rent with the option to own.

Sally thinks about this, realizing she will save time and money on moving twice. Her daughter will be in the school she loves and Sally expects her job will promote her in six months giving her more to save toward the eventual purchase.

Win-Win for Everyone

She is building equity before she even owns the property and gets to enjoy living there in the meantime, making it home. If for any reason during the option period, Sally feels she doesn’t want to live there, she can walk away from the deal. Of course, she can’t think of anything that would cause her to want to move away, but you never know and it’s nice to have the option.

John is happy because he knows he’ll get the property price he really wants. If the housing market booms in the next few years, growing 20 percent, he might kick himself. But this is the one gamble he takes. If Sally walks away from the option or can’t refinance, his expenses have been paid, he keeps the option money and sells the house.

Plus he likes Sally and her girl and hopes they have the same happiness and success that he and his family did in the home. Sometimes, it’s nice to pay it forward in a way that everyone wins.

If you need more information on the rent to own option of buying or selling,

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Tips on Selling a Rent to Own House in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas Fast

selling a rent to own house

Are you planning to move soon or relocating to another area and need to sell your home fast? Sometimes it just takes looking at something from another perspective. Selling a house with a rent to own arrangement may be a solution if you cannot sell your home fast enough the traditional way.

Why Sell with a Rent To Own Contract?

If you need to sell your home fast, selling a rent to own house is sometimes easier than selling directly with a traditional sales transaction because it opens the door to more buyers. Some buyers do not have the credit rating or financial standing or resources to borrow money or get financing from a bank. Offering a rent to own contract gives them more options to purchase where they do not have to commit to immediate purchase.

Another reason you may want to consider this option is that it allows you to purchase your home back from the renter if they decide not to purchase or if you decide not to relocate after all. A rent to own contract is actually a rental agreement or a lease with an “option to buy.” This means that it is treated like a rental agreement until the person decides to purchase the house in full. This buys some time for both you and the buyer to try out the deal to see if it fits.

What is Special About a Rent To Own House?

Some people think that there is something unique about a rent to own house that is not present in other types of houses. Actually, it is not the house that makes the deal unique. The contract is the difference. You can take any house that you previously had on the market and turn it into a “rent to own” house simply by changing the terms of the contract.

This means that you may try to sell your home using traditional methods.  But, if you are unsuccessful, simply tell your real estate agent that you want to add a rent to own arrangement as an option for the buyer.

People who don’t have the best credit may be attracted to such a deal because it gives them a way to purchase a home with a no-risk contract that makes them feel more comfortable to take the plunge.

Tips for Selling a Rent To Own House

If you have a house you’ve decided to sell with a rent to own contract, here are a few tips to keep in mind that might make it more successful.

  • Focus on the house first. When trying to sell a home, you should always focus on the house first. Don’t talk money until you establish that the buyer is interested and when you believe it would be a positive transaction for both of you.
  • Ask them what they want. It’s always a good idea to find out what it is that your buyer wants to accomplish from the deal. By asking them what they want, you may be able to find out whether they are in it for the long-term and plan on purchasing the house or if they are just looking for a rental agreement.
  • Find out what they can afford to pay. If you need to sell fast, you’ll need to find out how much your buyer can afford to pay. When you are ready to talk money, ask them what they can afford and work from there. If you mention the amount first and it’s too much for them to afford, you may lose the potential buyer over cost.
  • Save the rent to own option for last. Remember that if you are the seller in a rent to own deal, your primary goal is to sell your house. Ask them if they can work out the financing first to purchase the house outright. Then offer the rent to own option as a last resort if they cannot work out the traditional bank financing.

Rent To Own in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

When you are selling a rent to own house in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas, you should try to find out what the buyer wants and how you can come to an amicable arrangement that will be mutually beneficial. Selling a home outright will always be preferable if you need to sell fast. But a rent to own agreement can work fine if you need the rent money while you are waiting to see if they will purchase.

If you need help selling a rent to own home,

Call Us at 610-200-5544 or fill out our form.

Whether you want to buy or sell, purchase or rent, we can help!

[Nontraditional Buyers Method] Rent To Own Your Home In Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

Rent To Own Your Home in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

The rent to own market is one that can benefit both the buyer and the seller in the right transaction. Having a clear contract and understanding of terms helps mitigate risk on both sides of the equation.

The Basics of Rent to Own Your Home in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

Today’s lending market has a loan for just about everyone. However, there are consumers who don’t fit into the traditional lender’s guideline book. It might be for a variety of reasons but often has to do with not having enough of a down payment. The rent to own model allows a renter to pay a comparable price as they would if actually renting while accumulating the down payment. This is all done while living in the home they want to buy.

Seller’s Benefit

It may not seem like there is much for a seller to benefit from a rent to own scenario. After all, who doesn’t want to liquidate the home and take their profits and move on, literally? There is a group of sellers out there who aren’t in a rush for the funding and see it as an opportunity to ensure a higher sale price.

Sellers may continue to take advantage of property tax deductions and perhaps mortgage interest. If for any reason the buyers balk on the deal, the seller had income for the property for the duration the buyers were in the property.

Nicer Rental with Caring Upkeep

Both parties win when it comes to property condition on rent to own properties. Renters are usually looking at nicer homes compared to most rental market dwellings in the same price range. On the other side, the seller now has renters with a vested interest in the property to help maintain and care for it.

Elements of the Agreement

There are four basic elements to the rent to own contract: the option money, the purchase price, the rent and the maintenance fees.

  1. The option money is like a good faith deposit when buying a home traditionally except it isn’t refundable in a rent to own scenario. This is money given to the seller that allows the buyer the option to buy the home later. This option expires if not used. The sellers typically keep the option money.
  2. The purchase price is the amount the buyer will pay for the home once they execute the option to buy. Negotiating this price is tricky because it needs to consider the future value of the home. It can be hard to know if the housing market will be higher or even lower. The buyer may decide if the market drops to walk away from their option or try to renegotiate. Sellers will look to negotiate higher prices compared to the current market price.
  3. The rent is the monthly obligation while in the option period. While rent is usually higher than typical rent, a portion is credited toward the purchase price in the home. This might be 25 % of every rent check.
  4. Maintenance is an option the seller can include. This would be an additional fee to pay property taxes, repairs, and general home maintenance.

Should You Rent to Own Your Home in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas?

While rent to own isn’t for everyone, it is a good option when a buyer and seller both see the value in the arrangement. The buyers get time to fix issues preventing financing today but still get the property. The sellers get option money with the potential of a future higher value sales price.

Buyers need to work diligently to execute the option and be prepared to qualify for a traditional loan by the time the option is due. Check credit and talk to a lender early in the rent to own process so you can establish the right elements of credit and income to qualify for a loan that buys out the seller at the option execution.

If you’re looking for more information about rent to own properties, we can help.

Give us a call at 610-200-5544 or fill out our online form today!

Houses For Rent By Owner In Quakertown and Surrounding Areas – 4 Reasons Why Rent-to-Own Is Better

If you’re looking for houses for rent by owner in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas, have you considered rent to own?

Rent-to-own gives you the best of both worlds… and you don’t need amazing credit to do it!

Given the choice between renting and rent-to-own, we believe that rent-to-own is often a better choice. In this blog post, we’ll look at the 4 reasons why rent-to-own is a great way to buy a house… even if your credit isn’t perfect. If you’re looking at houses for rent by owner in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas then you may want to expand your search to consider rent-to-own options…

Owning a home is part of the American Dream… but it’s also very expensive. Many people are forced to rent, putting money into their landlord’s pocket while struggling to get ahead. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could “rent your way to home ownership?” You can. It’s called “rent to own” and it’s growing in popularity.

It works like this: rents from a property owner, just like normal. But their agreement is often a multi-year agreement in which they agree to purchase the house at the end of the rental term. Keep reading to discover 5 reasons why this is SO powerful…

If you want to know more about rent-to-own, or about houses for rent by owner in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas, simply click here to fill out the form or call us at 610-200-5544 and we’ll make sure you have all the info you need.

5 Tips About Rent To Own Houses For Rent By Owner In Quakertown and Surrounding Areas

Rent To Own Tip #1
It’s pretty easy to qualify. Unlike buying a house (which requires a high credit score and down payment), a rent to own property starts off as a rental. There might be other qualifications required but, in general, it’s a much easier way to qualify to buy a house.

Rent To Own Tip #2
You can buy a house with bad credit and you have a chance to fix your credit! A rent-to-own agreement doesn’t always require perfect credit, but it does give you a chance to establish yourself and fix up your credit so that, by the time you’re ready to make the purchase, you may be able to qualify for a mortgage.

Rent To Own Tip #3
You can “try out” homeownership before you actually buy. Some renters are surprised by the difference between renting and owning. But a rent-to-own agreement gives you the ability to try out home ownership first to understand what it’s really all about without having to first get a mortgage!

Rent To Own Tip #4
You put down roots. One of the biggest complaints of renters is that they feel like they don’t have a permanent place. They’re stuck in year-to-year rental agreements and don’t feel like they have a permanent home. But rent to own agreements in houses for rent by owner in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas, you AND the owner know you’re in it for the long haul because you plan to buy the house.


If you’re looking for houses for rent by owner in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas, you should broaden your search and start thinking about rent to own properties, too. This is a simple strategy to help you get into a permanent home sooner, and you don’t need perfect credit or a huge down payment to make it happen!

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Rent To Own Houses In Quakertown and Surrounding Areas – How Does It Work?

Curious to know more about rent to own houses in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas?

Keep reading to find out how they work and to know whether rent to own is right for you

Most people think of renting a house or owning a house… but few realize there is an amazing “middle ground” – rent to own houses in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas – that gives you the best of both worlds. In this blog post, you’ll read about what it means to rent-to-own and how it works.

Renting: When you rent, you pay the landlord for a place to live. As long as your rent is paid, you have a place to live.

Owning: When you own, you take out a mortgage from the bank and they give the money to the seller. You pay the bank back for their loan.

Both of these have advantages and disadvantages. But right in the middle is a great way for aspiring homeowners to get into the house of their dreams – through rent to own houses in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas. Here’s how it works…

First, you find someone who does rent to own houses in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas.

Second, you make an agreement with them to rent their house for a period of time (the length of time is determined between you and the owner, and it might be a few months or a few years).

Third, you rent until the rental period is complete and then you purchase the house for an amount you and the seller agree upon.

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  • Renting to own allows you to get into a permanent home sooner than renting the traditional way (renting one place and then buying a different place).
  • The period of the rental also gives you time to fix up your credit if it’s not in perfect shape, so that you’ll have good credit by the time you need to get a mortgage.
  • And, renting to own sometimes offers alternatives to saving up a huge down payment (for example, some of your rental payments may go toward a down payment so you’ll have less to pay when it comes time to pay a down payment – this varies, though, between each rent to own houses in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas).

Rent to own houses in Quakertown and Surrounding Areas is a great way to find a permanent place to live for the long-term, and to get into a house without the high cost of down payments… even if your credit isn’t perfect right now.

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